One of the world’s most exciting cities, London has the ability to charm, enthral and surprise both those who visit and the 8 million people that call it home.

Over the course of almost 2,000 years, London has transformed from a Roman city into a modern metropolis where ancient buildings and monuments sit alongside iconic skyscrapers and modern art installations.

Until the 17th century, London was crammed into a single square mile, an area now known as The City and the heart of the financial district. Since then it has spread to cover 600 square miles and every borough has its own character and charm.

From the leafy avenues of Kensington and Chelsea to the edgy enclaves of Hackney and Camden, London has many faces and every corner reveals a new expression. With world-class museums and galleries, theatres, magnificent cathedrals and palaces, and more quirky pop ups then you ever thought possible – London really does have it all.